Release Notes for FOCUS PEARL 3.3.3

FOCUS PEARL 3.3.3 is a bug-fix release. The following errors were fixed:

Details In version 2.2.2 a small bug was found in the simulation of the soil temperatures. This bug has been solved in version 3.3.3.
Details The database of version 2.2.2 was based on wrong dates for the maximum LAI and for leaf fall in the Porto-apples scenario. These wrong dates were 31 July and 30 September, whereas the correct dates are 30 June and 31 October. Version 3.3.3 is based on these correct dates.
Details In version 2.2.2 occasionally a run failure occurred for substances with Freundlich exponents exceeding 1.0. The procedure for the calculation of the time step has been improved, so that this run failure does not occur anymore in version 3.3.3.
Details In version 2.2.2 there was a bug was in the calculation of the temperature-dependency of the sorption coefficient: this bug affected only results of runs that assumed a non-zero molar enthalpy of sorption whilst zero is the default value of this enthalpy. This bug has been eliminated in version 3.3.3.
Details The upper limit of the wash-off coefficient has been changed from 0.1 m-1 into 100 m-1 because the 0.1 m-1 was too low.
Details Performance has improved by about 25% by using more efficient loop structures and more efficient screen handling.