Policy evaluation

Metamodels of PEARL and GeoPEARL are used to evaluate Dutch and European policy plans. The following Dutch policy documents are relevant:

Details 1991-2000: The Long Term Crop Protection Plan (MJP-G)
Details 2001-2010: The Policy Document on Sustainable Crop Protection

The period 1991-2000: the Long-Term Crop Protection Plan

The Dutch government has set-up the Long Term Crop Protection plan (MJP-G) for the period 1991-2000, which aims at:

PEARL plays an important role in the evaluation of this policy plan, by predicting trends in emissions of pesticides to the groundwater and the atmosphere. A regional-scale version of the model has recently become available. This model can predict the magnitude of the leaching and the area where environmental standards are exceeded.
Details View the MJP-G report.


The period 2001-2010: the Policy Document on Sustainable Crop Protection

For the period 2001-2010 a new plant protection policy is being prepared. Back bone of the policy document is integrated crop growth on certified farms. Main aspects of this policy are: Farmers complying with these aspects can get a certificate; the type of certificate being dependent on set goals.

A simplified version of PEARL has been used to evaluate, ex ante, parts of this new policy. As a result of measures taken in the last year of the crop protection plan 1991 - 2000 and international registration procedures, the leaching of pesticides will be reduced substantially. Certification of farms contributes to a further emission reduction; this reduction is up to 40% of the total amount leaching calculated for the year 2005 without the new policy. The so-called 'essential uses' (pesticides declared indispensable in the growth of certain crops) were excluded from these calculations.

On behalf of the ministries LNV and VROM, a number of institutes (amongst others Alterra and RIVM) currently develop an environmental indicator and software package, which will be used to follow the progress of the new policy. PEARL or a simplified version (metamodel) will be part of this tool.
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