GeoPEARL workshop 2009:
Future Developments of Spatially-Distributed Pesticide Leaching Models in the EU
4-5 November 2009, Bilthoven, the Netherlands


Spatially distributed pesticide leaching models are now commonly accepted in pesticide registration and policy evaluations. One such model is the GeoPEARL model, which was originally developed for the Netherlands. GeoPEARL versions have been or will be developed for other European Countries as well. To exchange information between model developers, the GeoPEARL team has organised a work shop with the following aims:


Details  GeoPEARL, Future Developments of Spatially-Distributed Pesticide Leaching Models in the EU
(A. Tiktak)
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The GeoPEARL Workshop participants

Details  PEARL: Overview of developments
(E. van den Berg, A. Tiktak, J. Boesten, D. van Kraalingen, J. Kroes and T. van der Linden)
Details  Impact of macroporosity on pesticide losses from tile-drained soils in the Netherlands
(A. Tiktak, R. Hendriks and J. Boesten)
Details  The role of EFSA in Guidance Development
(M. Egsmose)
Details  Open, policy relevant and scientifically sound
(R. van den Berg)
Details  GeoPEARL_DE, a Tool for Spatial Modelling of Pesticide Leaching Behaviour in Germany
(J. Bangert)
Details  A spatially distributed leaching model for northern Belgium - GeoPEARL Flanders
(N. Stuber, I. Joris, P. Seuntjens, H. van der Kwast, J. Bronders, R. Smolders)
Details  Development of a version of GeoPEARL for the Walloon region of Belgium
(B. Bah, M. Vanclooster, R. Oger)
Details  GeoPEARL Austria
(J. Dayteg)
Details  Lessons learned with GeoPEARL-MetaPEARL
(M. Vanclooster and B. Bah)
Details  Use of metaPEARL to determine relative vulnerability of groundwater in the EU
(C.G. Hoogeweg)